A Summer Gallery

Summer is officially here, its time to pay homage to color and crunch…we wish you many mouth watering months before the chill sneaks back into the air.

Easter Egg Radishes

fixing the 'board' - we like to serve on long butcher block boards and in cauldrons

Prepping salt-encrusted red snapper

For Starters

Cheese Course

Spicy Carrot Dip

We make much of our own breads on site on the grills- like these flatbreads.

Roasted Eggplant 'Caviar'

A Fire Roasted kitchen on a hot summer day- getting hotter!

Our 'rotisserie' chicken, complete with farmer-turner!

summer color

Baby squash

For fire roasted plumb teriyaki sauce

Roasted chicken with plumb teriyaki sauce

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