Fire Roasted Catering is a catering company located in Southern Berkshire County that specializes in using local and seasonal foods to create an event that uniquely represents the clients vision.

We love to prepare and cook your food on site over a fire so that you and your guests taste the freshest foods imaginable. The experience of standing near a fire smelling the foods as they slowly roast to perfection is something you and your guests will never forget. We will work with you to create seasonal canapes, soups, and other dishes that reflect the best the season has to offer.

From Chef Jeremy: “I love the quality of heat and the control working with a wood fire gives me.”

Grilling offers me the opportunity to marry the simple pleasure of being outdoors with the generous and creative act of making a meal for others. It transforms what was an isolated activity into a social, connected event where the guests are able to see and smell the food and know the person creating the fabulous meal for them. As a chef, I no longer want be separated from my guests by the door of my kitchen. By cooking with fire in an open-air kitchen I feel part of a long, primitive human tradition.