Beautiful Spring at Farm Girl Farm

May is the most beautiful month in the Berkshires, especially after the intense snow of the past winter. It is also the official beginning of our catering season. Though we make parties in any season, there is just something about the gorgeous weather that gets our clients mouths watering.

Super farmer-lady Laura Meister started Farm Girl Farm in 2004 with a friend while completing a Masters in Documentary Video Production. At the time her intention was to make films about farms and food and farmers (quite ahead of her time I would say) but before too long she was fully immersed in her life as farmer, while her co-founder friend went in other directions. Today Laura cultivates acreage in North Egremont MA for  a CSA with about 75 members and also sells vegetables to some 20 restaurants in our region. And she sells to us…

you can see the board still written up from last season- the neat rows of restaurant names under which she and her farm-girls list the chef’s order in a carefully orchestrated exercise to ensure that the right amount of produce gets harvested and packaged on the busy delivery days.

there we are listed on a special board- obviously a casualty of the big winter we had!

Jeremy and I paid the farm a visit during a spectacular day this week and got to see the awakening of the farm; garlic coming up strongly, little seedlings in the greenhouse and being hardened off, the fields being planted. We work carefully with our regional farmers to bring our catering clients the freshest and most special foods possible.

Have a wonderful spring imagining the little plants filling full of flavor that you will taste at your next event!

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