Party Planning 2011

Happy New Year! We have been reflecting back on a 2010 bang-up-season, and have a lot of exciting plans brewing for you this coming year. The phone has been ringing as we begin to book our 2011 season with parties big and small.

When new customers call to inquire about our company, they usually have some idea about the type of parties we love to throw, maybe they have been to a Fire Roasted event, or they stumbled upon this very website. Frequently these potential clients have only begun to think about the event they are calling about- the details, such as the food- are not yet defined. We love to give them the low down on what our philosophy is at this point in the planning, because so much of Fire Roasted Catering’s work is fluid- we need our customer to understand that the menu is a work in progress. How can we menu plan so early in the season when the weather (which is a huge player in telling us what will taste best in a growing season) has not been determined? This and many factors will influence the final ingredients for any party we cater.  This can be a challenge for some folks, but we look forward to the conversations that are like little opportunities to discuss our favorite subjects- that are: FOOD, SEASONALITY and LOCALITY.

So how does it work? We have a very good idea about the foods available in any given season, so in menu planning with our esteemed clients we work from those ingredients. As the date of a party grows near- we may have to modify those ingredients if they are unavailable or undesirable (remember the Tomato Blight of 2009?) On the other hand- the nature of farming aslo means some amazing treat may actually be available sooner or stick around later than usual- giving the menu an unexpected bonus.

We literally place our orders from the farmers the week of the event, planning for those foods to be harvested 1-2 days before the party- in fact, it is not at all uncommon for us to pick up the ingredients the morning of the party- and we always hit the farmer’s market to scan for an unexpected item that will bring the meal over the top.

We feel that this sort of menu planning is exciting and collaborative- it means we don’t have a static list of canapes, salads, and main courses printed on a sheet to show our customers. We have conversations, which is really what sharing food is all about.

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