Summer is almost over, and it has been HOT HOT HOT

Its been a busy few months of catering in the Berkshire and around. Our wonderful clients are as passionate about food as we are, and they have a LOT to be psyched about this summer with the introduction of our newest piece of FIRE COOKING equipment:

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to DANTE

Modeled after a photo in our dear Francis Mallmann’s brilliant book Seven Fires, Jeremy had this beauty built to offer extreme flexibility for fire cooking. By arranging the plates and grills in a variety of configurations we can cook many ways, one of the most exciting option creates an oven in which we can roast meats encrusted in salt, or pizzas using our amazing local wheat sourdough.

The white lump is a salt crust over North Plain Farm chickens which, to quote the venerable host from this particular party, Ruth Reichl, were “the best chickens I’ve ever tasted.”

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